In a revelation that’s captured the attention of royal watchers worldwide, Princess Catherine, better known as Kate Middleton, was spotted in public for the first time since undergoing what has been described as a serious surgery. The sighting has has led to further speculation about the royal family.

Princess Catherine has been notably absent from the public eye since an abdominal surgery in January. However, she has recently been spotted out at a farmer’s market. This sighting, confirmed by TMZ through exclusive video footage, puts to rest weeks of speculation and concern over the Princess of Wales’s health and whereabouts.

The video, obtained and first reported by TMZ, captures a moment of normalcy as Princess Catherine and Prince William visit the Windsor Farm Shop, a mere mile from their Windsor home. According to eyewitness accounts originally reported by The Sun, the royal couple appeared “happy, relaxed and healthy” as they perused the supermarket aisles, devoid of the pressures seemingly absent from their royal duties. Notably absent were their three children, who, according to The Sun, were engaged in sports activities earlier that day.

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