People will always have an opinion, if there is one thing about life we can be sure of. Even when relatively few people are paying attention, some will even make an effort to express their opinions as loudly as they can.

Anyone may easily express their opinions to the world and have them heard thanks to the Internet. It’s funny how opinions seem to get more attention the stranger they are.

Thanks to their unique advice for parents, one expert is currently experiencing that. As a self-described relationship guru, they advised parents to get consent before doing a diaper change.

We understand that there are a lot of consent-related issues these days, and navigating them can be challenging. To many parents, nevertheless, it is simply unacceptable to change a baby’s diaper without first getting their consent.

To be quite honest, changing diapers is a chore that most parents dislike, but it is essential if you want to raise happy and healthy children. It goes above and above to include the added layer of needing authorization before doing so.

The individual claiming to be a “sexuality educator, speaker, and author” describes herself as such. Deanne Carson is a well-known figure in the community for her outlandish advice for parents.

In 2018, she gave these insights on ABC. Although she acknowledged that this is usually done with kids older than three, she also thought it was crucial to convey consent to them much earlier.

Although she acknowledges that infants won’t be able to answer to requests for permission verbally, she believes that they will be able to communicate nonverbally by making eye contact and in other ways.

According to her, it’s important to establish a culture of consent in the household by first asking permission to change the diaper.

Carson continued to describe the steps, adding that parents and toddlers can connect more deeply if they give themselves a time to anticipate things and wait for any nonverbal clues.

The way the reporters responded to the notion was maybe the most fascinating thing of all. They were not only exceedingly talkative, but they were also speculating about what would happen if the kid refused.

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