Sandra Bullock’s life changed when she adopted her son ❤️👩‍👦Read more about their lovely family in the comments 👇

Sandra Bullock’s life changed when she adopted her son, Louis Bardo Bullock, in 2010. He’s grown up well since then.

She said Hurricane Katrina made her and her ex-husband Jesse James decide to split in 2010 instead of waiting to adopt a child. After Katrina, she felt differently about adoption, even though she had doubts before.

In 2015, Sandra adopted Laila Bullock as her second child after Louis.

Later that year, she started dating Bryan Randall, a photographer from Los Angeles. They’ve been raising Sandra’s family together ever since.

In May 2021, someone close to them said they’ve become a loving family.

Sandra sees that her daughter, who she describes as “fearless,” has a different outlook on life than her son.

She says Louis is very emotional and wise. She felt a special connection with him from the beginning.

In an interview in November 2021, Sandra admitted that sometimes she wishes her children had the same skin tone as her. She thinks it might make things easier for them.

Since adopting Louis and Laila, Sandra has made being a mom her top priority.

Their relationship is stronger than ever, according to someone close to them.

They’re both fully committed to each other and to raising the kids. The kids see Bryan as their dad, which makes him happy.

Bryan really loves Louis and Laila, despite the challenges of being with a famous person.

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