Country singer Shania Twain has revealed that she was sexually and physically abused by her stepfather as a child. In an interview with The Sunday Times, Twain said she taught herself to fight back and protect herself and her mother, but the experience left her feeling angry and ashamed. Twain said she also tried to hide her femininity to avoid attracting attention from her stepfather.

She turned to songwriting to help her process her emotions and cope with the “unpleasant stuff” outside her home that made her “ashamed” to be a woman.

Twain’s mother and stepfather died in a car accident when she was 22, leaving her to raise her younger siblings. She began singing at a resort hotel to support her family, but struggled with feeling objectified. She eventually learned how to feel safe performing as a woman, and her career took off with the release of her hit albums, including Come On Over.

Twain said she has now healed from the wounds of her childhood abuse and is more confident and unapologetic about her womanhood. She hopes her story will inspire young women to also embrace their confidence and authenticity. “By the time I had my record contracts I was the kind of woman that… when I walked in the room, it’s like, don’t even get any closer.

It was clear in my body language. And I think maybe what young girls can learn, too, is to exude that confidence,” she said.

In the interview, Twain also discussed the release of her new album, The Queen of Me, which is due out in February 2023. She said the album explores themes of empowerment and self-acceptance, and reflects her journey of healing and growth. She hopes it will inspire others to embrace their own individuality and authenticity.

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