Carol Howarth from Haverfordwest, UK, parked her car one day to do some shopping, but when she returned, she saw that hundreds of unwanted guests had attacked her car.

An entire swarm was resting on the back of her car.
A local, Tom Moses, noticed the scene in astonishment:

“It was a real show. I drove there and saw that many people who were taking pictures had already gathered. But I was a little worried.The car was right in front of a bar and I was afraid that someone would do something stupid, like throw boiled water on them.

Everything could end very badly. “ So Tom got on the phone and called the people on a bee site. Eventually, they managed to put them all in a box.

But Carol will only get her car back for a short time: “The next day I noticed that the bees had followed me home!” Now it was her turn to call the beekeepers.

One of them, Roger Burns, said: “We think the queen was attracted to something that was in the car, probably something sweet.Then she was caught somewhere in the plastic of the car. The swarm of over 2,000 bees followed her and gathered on the car. “

Eventually, the beekeepers managed to free the queen who then returned home.The beekeepers say that it is normal for bees to follow their queen, “but it is strange that they followed a car for two days in a row!”, They added.

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