Recently, Mariah Carey, received a special award from the Recording Academy. This sign of appreciation was something she had been waiting for a long time. Interestingly, instead of people talking about her nomination or the award itself, the focus turned to Mariah’s outfit. At 54 years old, she grabbed a lot of attention for her stylish and eye-catching clothing choice at the event.

The stunning outfit showcased a deep neckline, highlighting her generous cleavage, while the transparent lower portion revealed her toned legs.

Mariah shared her words of appreciation in her social media and posted series of photos in the chosen outfit made not by professional photographers. She immediately got a lot of support from followers and other celebrities:

  • Congratulations Queen! I love the Schiaparelli dress! © hayden_williams / Instagram
  • Absolute stunning looking queen. © natalielarose / Instagram
  • Love you queen congratulations, and you’re always looking phenomenal. © thatabchick / Instagram

While fans gushed over her appearance, many online critics deemed the outfit inappropriate for Mariah’s age.

One of the comments read, “Maybe in the early ’90s Mariah, but that’s not really something you should be wearing at 54.” Another person noted, “At a certain age you just need to cover it up…” while a third one stated, “Someone needs to remind her that she’s 54, not 24.”

Lately, some celebrities have shown that women can wear whatever makes them feel comfortable and still look amazing, no matter their age. Stars, like Nicole Kidman and JLo, are breaking stereotypes and inspiring others to embrace their unique style, proving that confidence and comfort are the keys to looking stunning at any age. It’s a refreshing message that encourages women to be true to themselves and enjoy fashion on their terms.

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