The royal family — Prince William and Kate Middleton with their children — have released a traditional Christmas card. On the photo, the whole family is elegantly posing for the camera. But it was not without its curiosities, and people began a heated discussion about the fact that there are a couple of Photoshop blunders on the card.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, both 41 years old, unveiled their annual Christmas card. The new photograph depicts the couple posing alongside their three children — Prince George, aged 10, Princess Charlotte, aged 8, and Prince Louis, aged 5.

The family of five is dressed in matching button-down collared shirts. Kate and Charlotte are both sporting jeans, while William, George, and Louis are coordinated in dark slacks (with Louis opting for shorts!). Charlotte and her younger brother Louis are also sporting matching canvas sneakers. William and Kate have their arms around their sons while Charlotte takes the central position seated in a chair.

However, it was Louis who drew considerable attention — specifically, his hand did. In the photo, the youngster’s hand rests on the arm of the chair, but it appears that his middle finger is not visible. This sparked a debate online regarding what might have happened to his finger and whether the picture had been edited.

One individual commented: “I’m not a fan of this photo, look at Louis and his left hand, what is going on with that, it looks photoshopped.”

Another person added: “Is Prince Louis missing a finger? What in the AI is going on?”

Conversely, some disagreed and suggested that the “missing finger” was simply due to the way Louis was holding the chair.

Missing finger was not the only controversial thing on this card. There even were some argues among followers:
  • Photoshop fail! There’s an extra leg in this picture! How did the photographer did not notice? © edyta_m1 / Instagram
  • No, there’s not. Louis is clearly wearing shorts, William has one leg to the right of Louis and one behind the chair leg and Kate is stood with her legs crossed so one in front of the other. Always someone trying to ruin something lovely. © steviewinters_ / Instagram
  • The more I look at the legs, the more weird it looks. © wardledebbie / Instagram
Also some people noticed how Princess Charlotte is becoming to look like.
  • Oh my goodness! Princess Charlotte has always been my favorite, but the older she gets, the more I see Queen Elizabeth II in her! Beautiful family! © nursenic824 / Instagram
  • Princess Charlotte looks so much like the Queen. © wardledebbie / Instagram

As Christmas approaches, Kate and William’s kids will probably not join them for the holiday dinner. There have been reports stating that the children of Prince William and Kate Middleton are not permitted to join their royal parents at the table during holidays and official dinners, including Christmas.

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