Buckingham Palace shared news about King Charles and Kate Middleton’s medical procedures, but they did it in different ways. For King Charles, they told everyone before his operation. But for Kate, they waited until after her surgery to tell people. And now even weeks after her surgery, Kate is still not appearing to the public, and here’s why.

Why Kate’s surgery was kept a secret?


The palace source stated, “It was sensible to be more open about it, as otherwise, people might have thought the worst.”
The choice to announce King Charles’ medical procedure ahead of time was to prevent rumors and concerns. They believed being transparent would foster a supportive atmosphere.

In contrast, they held off on revealing news about Kate’s surgery to respect her privacy during the procedure.

Where is the Princess of Wales now?

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Regarding Princess Kate’s abdominal surgery, a royal insider reported that she’s “doing well.” She spent 10 to 14 days in the hospital and will require three months of recuperation at home. Although the palace didn’t specify her condition, they assured her it was not cancer.

Weeks after her operation, Kate has still not made a public appearance. It is reported that the reason for this is because the Princess of Wales has moved from her home at Adelaide Cottage to Sandringham in Norfolk.

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Her decision to stay at the Royal Family’s country estate, Sandringham, during the kids’ half-term break, is seen as a positive sign of Princess Kate’s ongoing recovery from her abdominal surgery.

Moreover, the fact that Wales has opted to spend quality time together has been praised as a clear indication of Kate’s “steady recovery”.

The source explained that Norfolk provides the family with the expansive, open spaces they seek, away from the intrusive Heathrow flight path experienced in Windsor. Additionally, there are friends in Norfolk, such as the Marquess and Marchioness of Cholmondeley, with whom they can enjoy some leisure time.

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