A viral story of a kindhearted barista sparked debate online after she took the initiative regarding her concerns for a younger customer.

Mom’s Story Goes Viral

Starbucks barista was recognized by a mother in Corpus Christi, Texas, after her daughter was approached by an older gentleman. The barista was worried for the girl’s safety and devised a ploy to let the girl know she was there if need be. Brandy Roberson, mom of the 18-year-old, created a Facebook post on February 18, 2022, commemorating the barista for looking out for her daughter’s well-being. She also shared that her daughter didn’t feel she was in any danger, a reassurance for parents all throughout the area. However, she was “grateful” that there are “people who look out for other people.”

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Further Explanation

Roberson goes on to explain that her 18-year-old daughter was studying alone at a Starbucks one night, when she was approached by the man. According to Roberson he was “loud” and “animated“. The barista noting the girl’s seemingly younger age, decided to give the girl an “extra hot chocolate that someone left behind” with an important message written on the cup. “Are you okay? Do you want us to intervene? If you do, take the lid off the cup,” read the cup.

As it turns out, the barista who’d given her the hot chocolate wasn’t the only barista ready to intervene. “She looked up and just saw a row of baristas staring at her — ready to step in,” explained Roberson. “This reaffirms my faith in humanity.”

“Maybe just seeing this story, others … if given the opportunity to say something or turn away, they would say something.

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Photo Credit: Facebook

The post has since been reshared thousands of times across various social media platforms. Unsurprisingly, there was a wide range of responses, from those who commended thee barista to those who spoke up about how men are being scrutinized.

Supporters of the Barista

As a father of a daughter, I’m glad people are still looking out,” said one person. “In today’s society more people should be proactive like this. You just never know what a situation really is. Kudos to the alert Starbucks’ staff. Never be silent and always ask.” Said another. “So many negative or hate comments today. I guess everyone having a bad Monday. The mother was grateful to the person for looking out for her daughter and this has nothing to do with Starbucks, you haters.” Another sarcastically stated, adding, “I wish I could be around my kids 24/7 but nice to know other people care about other human beings besides themselves.” I wish that was me when my boyfriend assaulted me. Nice customer service.” Said another, who had a slightly more personal take on the experience.

Besmirching the Barista

Alternatively, some people criticized the barista, pointing out that men have become villainized for just existing. “And some people wonder why so many young men have never approached a woman.” explained Phil Labonte.

Meanwhile, Author Rachel Wilson wrote, “Feminism has created mass hysteria that men are nothing but violent assault machines, and that the only thing stopping them from enslaving the entire female sex is feminist activism and laws. It’s insanity and it must stop. Women’s studies departments should be shut down.

In contrast, others pointed out that this debate is circumstantial. “Men in the quotes giving us great examples of why the employees stepped in,” said one. “Y’all are not entitled to speak to women simply because you think you can or perceive yourself as no harm.” While another alluded the possibility that the barista and may have just been looking for attention. “I completely miscast this man as a deviant, but he actually wasn’t and nothing happened but I am still a hero and I called up the news station to tell them how brave I was,” said the commenter.

Regardless of opinions, the barista simply did what she felt was best. She saw a seemingly younger girl out in public alone, being approached by an older man and discreetly let the girl know she was safe. One could argue that she could have made a scene, instead she left it up to the girl in the situation. Luckily, the girl wasn’t in any danger, but Brandy, like any parent just wants to know her kids are safe when they venture out into the world.

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