Across our planet, there are thousands, perhaps millions, of animals who simply want to live in peace and harmony. All they desire is to be respected if they encounter humans along their journey and to be treated with warmth.

But every now and then, we hear stories about animals experiencing anything but that. When a couple of animal lovers learned that a stray dog was in such dire condition that she was at risk of dying soon, they didn’t hesitate for a moment.

When they found the poor pup, she was alone in an abandoned car on the street.

Her skin was so tough and neglected for such a long time that the animal lovers almost mistook her for a stone.

Youtube / Animal Aid Unlimited

A couple of true animal lovers recently discovered a harsh reality when they were alerted to a dirty and abandoned street in India.

There, many passersby noticed a dog wandering sadly up and down the streets, hoping to find something to eat one day.

Having been abandoned by her owner long ago, her health was incredibly poor.

Emaciated and covered in wounds across her skinny body, her fur was so tough that it appeared to have turned into stone. And her claws have grown so long that some of them have become crooked and injured.

Youtube / Animal Aid Unlimited

The dog, unable to change her situation, seemed to have given up entirely – she had no strength left.

When the animal lovers spotted her, they noticed a very shy and depressed dog. They knew they had to approach her gently, as she rested in an abandoned car.

Slowly but surely, they walked closer and began examining the poor pup.

Giving up entirely may have been the easiest option, but the animal lovers were not about to give up on her. They wanted to show her what love truly means and that they genuinely cared about her.

Youtube / Animal Aid Unlimited

A man from the group stepped forward and wrapped a blanket around her body.

Slowly but surely, the dog was carefully carried out of the car and into an animal ambulance, accompanied by the rescuers who had discovered her.

Once at the veterinarian’s office, the examination continued, and the dog received ongoing care. The veterinarian applied a soothing lotion to her fur to aid in healing the cracks. They diligently washed her to remove dirt and mange, and she complied obediently, understanding that the animal lovers were her saviors.

No one would even care to touch, or even go near that dog – but these guys embraced her as if she was your own child.

Youtube / Animal Aid Unlimited

As time passed, the mange and dirt gradually disappeared from her body, and she began to resemble the healthy, vibrant dog she once was.

After four days of treatment, her fur was nearly as soft as it had been originally. When the time came to assess her progress after six weeks, it became challenging to hold back tears.

The animal lovers had bestowed upon her a name and a fresh start. The dog, once abandoned and neglected, is now unrecognizable!

Youtube / Animal Aid Unlimited

Named Alice, she exuded joy as she faced the camera after weeks of recovery and care with her newfound heroes. It was truly remarkable to witness her transformation from the dog she once was.

She was so tired and in so much pain but still had an ounce of hope left to trust these humans to help her. She’s so calm, and looks almost as if she’s saying “thank you”.

Alice is now thriving, and it’s a testament to the incredible bond between the animal lovers and their rescued companion! Check the video below:

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