Families love to visit a zoo. It is the most educational and fun experience for people of all ages since it is one of the places where you can see animals from the wild up close. A zoo is a popular place for families who want to spend their free time together, and parents can educate their children about the various animals in their enclosures. Some even take photos for souvenirs.

Since the zoo is filled with various animals, you may expect the unexpected. Videos have been going viral online of animals sneaking up on people at the zoo. Also, hilarious videos of tigers creeping up on children, monkeys playing patty-cake between the glass and a gorilla who flipped off a visitor. These are examples of unique human and animal interactions. However, in a zoo, there are also unexpected interactions between animals of the same family but different species.

There has been a proverb that says, “A cat has nine lives. For three, he plays. For three, he strays. And for the last three, he stays.” Although the origin of the quote is unknown, cats have been a perfect example of this proverb due to their flexibility and agility. They can land on their feet falling from high places when a human can’t. In a zoo in St. Petersburg, a stray cat pulled a stunt that was nearly dangerous to their kind. It befriended a lynx from the wild in a zoo enclosure.


Both domestic and feral breeds of cats are curious creatures, and they love to spend time outdoors. They are usually gone for the whole day, and sometimes days or weeks since they love exploring the environment. In places that humans can’t access, these cats can easily explore. An example is when a stray cat entered a lynx enclosure in a zoo in Petersburg after visiting hours. Incidentally, the wild cats’ area is one of the many attractions in zoos.

Most people wonder, “How on earth did those two become friends?” The truth is, there are no limitations when it comes to friendship. Most people share a bond with others that some may never understand. When a calico cat entered a zoo enclosure at St. Petersburg’s Zoo, it immediately formed a bond with its resident – a lynx.

It turned out that the stray cat had no home, and the lynx seemed to be lonely inside its enclosure. Evidently, the cat was still young and needed to find a shelter with food and warmth. It never mattered where it came from. All she wanted to do was survive. Hence, it entered into a cat’s enclosure and met its resident, a lynx from the wild.



Neither the zoo staff nor the visitors knew exactly how the 2 cats met. However, speculations were spreading among the people who came up with a story such as this: A cold, tired kitten walks into a zoo at night. After walking around for a while, searching for a place to shelter itself, it entered an enclosure. Inside, it spots a larger cat with the same color. Since it was homeless, the stray cat thought, “That’s my mom!” Without hesitating, the stray approaches the lynx, snuggles up to her for warmth, and makes itself at home.

It wasn’t long before the zoo staff noticed the lynx had a companion in its enclosure. They also observed that not only was the lynx okay with sharing her space, but also, she was protective of the young stray cat. When they realized that the 2 cats had a special bond, the zoo decided to adopt the stray cat.

When news about the 2 unlikely duo spread around the city, soon, more visitors came to the zoo to witness the bond between the lynx and the stray cat. Visitors near and far would come to St. Petersburg Zoo to see them up close. Some would even take videos and photos of the 2 feline species through the enclosure glass while the duo clean and groom one another. What a heartwarming scene!

The feline duo seemed to ignore the world outside the glass, even when there were tons of people watching them. That cat and the lynx were more focused on their own world. Once in a while, one of them would look at the people and their reactions, then return to their usual cuddling. The public immediately fell in love with the pair.


When the calico cat first came to St. Petersburg Zoo, everyone noticed how young and tiny she was back then. Now, she’s fully grown, and everyone assumed things between the cat and the lynx have changed. On the contrary, they remained best friends just like when the stray arrived and are inseparable still.

The only difference now is the cat’s size. The staff now puts enough food for 2 inside the enclosure. Just like ordinary cats, the duo loves to cuddle, play, and clean each other often. Since then, the 2 feline buddies have been the most visited exhibit in the St. Petersburg Zoo. They are more popular than ever!

When in Russia, don’t forget to put St. Petersburg Zoo on your list of itineraries. You will enjoy witnessing the bond of these 2 stunning feline friends for yourself.

The story of the stray calico cat and the lynx is a testament to true friendship between unlikely species. It is also a good reminder for anyone who struggles with making new friends. Always keep yourself open to possibilities. True and lasting friendship may just be around the corner. Spread the word about the heartwarming scene of the cat and the lynx.

Images credits: © Love MeowSt. Petersburg ZooFanpopMomtasticImgur, and Nadia Stekolshikova/Facebook

Screenshots and Video credits: © ignoramusky/YouTube

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