Cameron Diaz, a Hollywood actress, has been famous for many years. She reached the peak of her career in the late 20th century when she starred in the movie “The Mask,” gaining worldwide recognition for her talent and stunning looks with her beautiful white curls and sky-blue eyes.

But as time passes, we all undergo changes with age. So, what does this Hollywood beauty look like now?

Recently, Cameron Diaz celebrated her 51st birthday, and her husband, Benji Madden, expressed his love and appreciation for her on social media.

He posted a photo of her without filters, Photoshop, makeup, or masks and wrote a heartfelt message, declaring his love and gratitude for the love and friendship she has given him.

In this candid photo, we see the real Cameron Diaz, and it’s worth noting that she looks absolutely stunning. Even at her age, she continues to radiate beauty. Her long blonde hair, soulful gaze, and radiant Hollywood smile still captivate the hearts of her fans.

Only the small crow’s feet around her eyes reveal her age. Comments on the photo include praises like “simply beautiful,” “amazing,” and “the best.” Cameron Diaz remains a timeless beauty, capturing the admiration of many.

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