The family of Ashlee Good, who lost her life following the Bondi Westfield shopping center attack, has issued a statement following her tragic death.

As reported by, Good was one of six victims who died as a result of Saturday’s horrific stabbing spree.

NSW police and ambulance vehicles line the streets outside Westfield Bondi Junction. Credit: Lisa Maree Williams / Getty


Describing Ashlee as an “outstanding human,” the family expressed their profound struggle to comprehend the events that transpired. In a statement, they said: “Today we are reeling from the terrible loss of Ashlee, a beautiful mother, daughter, sister, partner, friend, all-round outstanding human and so much more.”

Acknowledging the overwhelming support from the Australian public, they expressed gratitude for the outpouring of love and well wishes.

Her loved ones also shared an update on Ashlee’s nine-month-old baby, who was also targeted and wounded in Saturday’s attack.


Ashlee Good died trying to save her baby’s life. Credit: Local media.


“We can report that after hours of surgery yesterday, our baby is currently doing well,” the family said. “We are so grateful for the expert care and attention of the medical team at Sydney Children’s Hospital.”

Expressing appreciation for the emergency responders and the individuals who aided their baby daughter, the family extended their gratitude to the New South Wales Police and emergency services for their diligence and prompt response. They conveyed: “To the two men who held and cared for our baby when Ashlee could not – words cannot express our gratitude.”

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Ashlee was rushed to St Vincent’s hospital in critical condition, where she unfortunately succumbed to her injuries. Meanwhile, her baby daughter remains in serious condition at the Sydney Children’s Hospital, under the care of medical staff and her father, who rushed to her side after the distressing events unfolded.

Two brothers who were inside the mall at the time of the attacks recalled the moment they were approached by the injured mom.


Members of the public look on outside Westfield Bondi Junction. Credit: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty

Speaking to Channel Nine, they recounted Good’s desperate attempt to save her daughter’s life – running up to them and entrusting them with her baby. “She handed us the baby and said ‘Please help, help’,” one of the brothers said. “She was bleeding from her head, her face … the baby was bleeding.”

Reacting swiftly, the brothers took the baby into their arms and sought refuge in a nearby store. There, they improvised makeshift bandages using clothing from the racks to stem the flow of blood from the wounds.

One brother described the injuries as “very bad,” noting the significant amount of blood on the floor. However, he expressed hope for the baby’s recovery, attributing it to his brother’s quick actions.

What We Know About The Attacks So Far

Incident Details: As a result of Saturday’s horrifying stabbing rampage in Sydney, it has been confirmed that six victims have lost their lives, and several others sustained injuries.

The incident took place just after 3:00PM on Saturday afternoon at the busy Westfield’s Bondi Junction mall, with police and first responders being dispatched at around 3:30PM. Eyewitnesses have recounted scenes of chaos and terror as shoppers fled the violent attack, seeking refuge in nearby stores to escape the assailant’s onslaught. Others have stated how the assailant appeared to be targeting people at random.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese expressed profound shock and disbelief at the senseless attacks, describing the incident as “beyond words and understanding”.


A paramedic waits outside Westfield Bondi Junction. Credit: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty

A motive for the attack is still unknown, but authorities have stated that the knifeman was “acting alone” and that it is not deemed to be a “terror-related” incident.

Casualties: According to New South Wales Police Commissioner Karen Webb, the initial death toll from the attack included the tragic deaths of four women and one man at the shopping mall. Another woman later succumbed to her injuries after being rushed to a nearby hospital.

Local reports currently state that a mom-of-two, the daughter of a millionaire businessman, a security guard, and a new mom are among those who were killed in the attacks.

Additionally, eight more individuals are currently receiving treatment for various injuries sustained during the rampage at hospitals across Sydney. Among the injured is a nine-month-old baby who underwent surgery, as confirmed by Webb.

Suspect and Police Response: Law enforcement officials have now named the suspect as 40-year-old Joel Cauchi.

Anthony Cooke, the assistant commissioner of New South Wales Police has told reporters: “We are continuing to work through the profiling of the offender but very clearly to us at this stage it would appear that this is related to the mental health of the individual involved.”

The heroic actions of a female police inspector on the scene, who swiftly neutralized the assailant when he raised his knife in her direction, have been widely praised. Cooke informed reporters of the moment the officer approached the assailant.

“[The officer] confronted the offender who had moved, by this stage, to level five,” Cooke said. “As she continued to walk quickly behind to catch up with him he turned to face her, raised a knife, she discharged a firearm and that person is now deceased.”

Prime Minister Albanese commended the officer’s bravery, saying: “She is certainly a hero. There is no doubt that she saved lives through her action.”

A Rare Attack For Australia: The shocking attack has left Australia shaken, a nation where mass casualty events are exceedingly rare.

The incident is a poignant reminder of the nation’s scattered but tragic history of violence, with comparisons drawn to past atrocities such as the 1996 Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania, which claimed 35 lives, and the 2019 mass shooting in Darwin that resulted in multiple fatalities. The rarity of such incidents underscores the gravity of the tragedy and the profound impact it has had on the Australian community.

Our thoughts continue to go out to the victims’ loved ones and the people of Sydney at this time.

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