Sylvester Stallone is facing accusations stemming from the set of Tulsa King, where he allegedly created a “toxic environment” and mocked extras.

Rose Locke Casting, based in Atlanta, was tasked with sourcing actors aged 18 and above for the second season of the Taylor Sheridan series.

However, issues arose as working conditions on the set of Tulsa King became a topic of discussion on a private Facebook page for Atlanta-based background actors.

Stallone and an unnamed director were accused of labeling some extras with derogatory terms including “ugly,” “tub of lard,” and “fat guy with cane,” per Deadline.


Stallone is accused of creating a toxic work environment. Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty


Rose Locke Casting has since cut ties with the show.

On April 9, television writer Julie Benson took to Twitter, sharing alarming details she received from a friend involved in background work for Tulsa King.

The tweet read: “Got this disturbing news from my Atlanta friend who’s background on Tulsa King this wk. Casting agent quit because she was so disgusted. My friend is feeling anxious about working now. [Sylvester Stallone] what do you have to say for yourself, sir? Beyond disappointed, I’m livid.”

Accompanying the tweet were screenshots of a Facebook message alleging Stallone’s derogatory comments toward background actors on set.

The message claimed Stallone queried the director with: “What the F*** is happening with these F****** ugly background?” referring to extras in a scene.

It further alleged that Stallone and the director proceeded to ridicule certain individuals, with Stallone reportedly remarking: “Bring in pretty young girls to be around me.”


The casting director has since cut ties with the show. Credit: Robert Okine/Getty


A source close to the show indicated they had recently become aware of the social media posts and were investigating the matter. They added that efforts were being made to match scenes from the current season with those from the previous one.

These accusations concerning the conduct on the set of Tulsa King have quickly spread across various Facebook pages for background actors, including one managed by Dee Dee McDaniel Simmons of South Carolina.

Simmons wrote: “Several groups are talking about what happened on the set of Tulsa King filming in Atlanta. Sadly Sly Stallone and crew made things miserable for the background artists and many have said the set was completely unprofessional and a total mess.

“Although I have not personally worked with Rose Locke & CL Casting… I have great respect for them for pulling out of the project and looking out for their background artists.”

Tulsa King EP and Director Craig Zisk told TMZ that no insults were hurled on set.

He countered Locke’s claims, asserting that she brought in older background actors who should have been in their 20s and 30s for a scene set in a hip bar.


The director of the show has denied the allegations. Credit: Elisabetta Villa/Getty


Zisk also mentioned Stallone’s wife, Jennifer Flavin, being present during filming and denied any remarks about wanting “pretty girls” around the star.

Zisk further claimed that he requested headshots of the extras from Locke, but she refused, stating she didn’t work in that manner and subsequently quitting an hour later.

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