Tammy Slaton has left fans stunned after showing off her slim figure in a new dancing video.

The reality TV star rose to fame through the television show 1000-lb Sisters in which she starred alongside her sister, Amy Slaton-Halterman.

Long confined to a wheelchair due to her weight, the 37-year-old has triumphed over adversity and has lost an astonishing 440 lb. She is now able to stand and walk unassisted but she still has to use an oxygen tube to support her breathing.

Since this incredible transformation, the star has given fans insight into her weight loss journey through social media, showing how far she has come.

Watch the video below:

The TLC star took to TikTok on Thursday (April 4) to share a video of herself posing in the mirror as she showed off her outfit of the day to fans.

She sported a long black T-shirt and khaki trousers, pairing her look with some grey trainers, and accessorized with a silver necklace and multi-colored rainbow bracelet.

Slaton was also seen dancing along to the song ‘Plus-Size Freestyle’ by Samyra as she turned to the side to show fans her remarkable weight loss.

The post has now been inundated with supportive comments from Slaton’s 1.3 million followers as one user exclaimed: “YES MA’AM GET IT TAMMY!!!!!!!!!”

Another chimed in: “Dang! Lookin good,” while a third commented: “Yes Tammy,” with three clapping emojis.

While most people are supportive of Salton’s journey, she does still receive some hateful comments on social media.

Back in February, she expertly hits back at a troll who commented on her “chin flap,” saying: “My ‘chin flap’ is not a chin flap. It’s literally excess skin and yes, it will go away when I get skin removal surgery.”

She expressed her frustration with the barrage of hurtful comments she receives, and said: “My problem is, you say you’re not trying to be rude, yet you’re rude by asking and pointing it out.”

In a heartfelt plea, Slaton opened up about the toll these comments take on her mental health, admitting: “I’m very insecure. I hide it, I hide it because I don’t want people to think I’m weak and I truly am weak.”

She then questioned: “If it would bother you, then why would you do it to someone else?” and emphasized that online hate can impact someone, adding: “The least little bit of hate can send somebody over the edge and want to kill themselves.”

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