One of the various methods to express one’s uniqueness is via tattoos. Some people stick to a small tattoo, while others go large and adorn entire body areas.

After revealing his before photo, 26-year-old tattoo apprentice Tristan Weigelt grabbed headlines. Tristan is covered in outrageous body art.

The earlier pictures were amazing.

See the pictures by continuing to read.

At the age of 20, Weigelt started the process of getting tattoos on 95% of his body.

He told the Daily Star, “Looking at myself without all the tattoos is kind of weird.”

“But oddly enough, my internal feelings are the same as they were before.”

He added that the tattoos on his head and face hurt the most out of all of them, likening it to getting scraped by a metal brush.

“It was probably an eight out of ten in terms of pain, and it was six full-day sessions lasting five to six hours.”

Weigelt stated that his body art has no hidden meanings, in contrast to the many people who get tattoos with a specific intention in mind.

Weigelt has spent $50,000 on tattoos in the last five years.

Weigelt advises anyone thinking about getting a tattoo to “get what you love and what makes sense to you.” I encounter a lot of people who are concerned that a particular tattoo won’t suit them or match their style. Purchase it if you like it.

Whoa. What a remarkable change!

Would you ever think about covering your whole body with tattoos? I doubt that I would.

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