A teenager from New York left TikTok users stunned after sharing a story about how his best friend was actually a hired actor.

Lawson Spolansky describes himself in his TikTok bio as an ’embarrassing best friend’, but earlier this month he shared a horror story about exactly who he had been ‘best friend’ to.

In a video which has now been viewed more than one million times, Spolansky claimed that it all started in 2012, when he was five years old and demonstrating some ‘social and behavioral issues’ in school.

One day in July, while he was at the playground, Spolansky fell off the monkey bars and hurt himself, prompting a little blonde boy to come over and start ‘mocking’ him.

The boy’s mom quickly came to help, and the two young boys then hung out at the park together.

The following September, Spolansky was surprised to see the same blonde boy, who he identified with the name Dexter, sitting next to him in school.

Over the years they started to develop a ‘robust’ friendship, and Spolansky also became more comfortable and started doing better in school.

Lawson Spolansky claimed the story began when he was five years old. Credit: TikTok/@lawsonspolansky
Lawson Spolansky claimed the story began when he was five years old. Credit: TikTok/@lawsonspolansky

Fast forward to 2018, when Dexter apparently told Spolansky he wanted to take him on a trip to Paris, Spain and Universal California using some birthday money he had.

He told him to start planning what to pack, but just one day later began making ‘weird excuses’ as to why they couldn’t go.

Imagine Spolansky’s shock, then, when he saw a photo on Instagram of Dexter, his mom and Spolansky’s own aunt in Hollywood together.

Baffled, Spolansky questioned Dexter and his aunt over what was going on, only to be met with claims that it must have been a ‘miscommunication’.

Jump ahead again to 2021, when Spolansky’s boyfriend at the time was working as a pool boy for none other than Dexter’s mom.

Only, while working there, he apparently figured out that the woman wasn’t Dexter’s mom at all, but his agent.

In his video, Spolansky told baffled viewers that he learned his aunt was actually best friends with Dexter’s real mom – a woman he’d never met – and that she’d paid her to have Dexter befriend Spolansky.

Not only that, but Spolansky claimed his therapist was also the sister of Dexter’s agent.

“So now I’m left broken, [a] severe amount of trust issues, and I feel like I never really went anywhere,” he said.

“I thought I had a real friend, but then you find out this friend is actually paid.”

Claiming he ‘never really experienced true friendship’, Spolansky added: “I don’t know what to do now but I thought it would be interesting to share.”

Viewers have been left well and truly blown away by Spolansky’s story, with one person commenting: “What in the Truman show is this dude omg that is insane.”

Another baffled viewer added: “5? You were a child. Normal child behavior, shame on the adults.”

However, other viewers weren’t convinced by Spolansky’s story and attempted to poke holes in his account.

“He was 5… there’s no way he has such vivid memories and remembers the sequence of events the day at the park. This is completely made up,” one person claimed.

Spolansky’s aunt has also reportedly refuted the claims to Spolansky.

In response to the critics, Spolansky commented: “It hurts me that people truly believe I would want to makeup something so horrific. I am trying to be vulnerable here and share some real feelings.”

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