Some exciting news is buzzing in Hollywood! Zendaya and Tom Holland, one of the most loved couples, might be taking their relationship to the next level. Discussions about marriage have been surfacing in their conversations. Fans who have been following their journey from on-screen chemistry to off-screen romance can’t wait for it to happen.

How Zendaya and Tom Holland met.

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The actors met on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2016, where Holland starred as Peter Parker and Zendaya played Michelle “MJ” Jones. They became friends during filming and sparked dating rumors, which they initially denied. In July 2021, they were spotted kissing, which confirmed that they’re a couple.

There are wedding rumors.

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Despite rumors, Tom Holland and Zendaya aren’t in a rush to get married. According to one source, the actors plan to move in later this year. Although they haven’t confirmed this news, fans are thrilled. Right now, they’re focused on enjoying their time and aren’t worried about getting married anytime soon.

Fans are excited.

Fans are buzzing with excitement over Zendaya and Tom Holland’s relationship. One user wrote, “I could see them marrying. They’ve been together for a while, and they clearly adore each other, support each other, and work hard at their relationship.” Another added, “Weird to say this about people I’ve never met, but I’m really rooting for them. They warm my old, cynical heart.”

Rumors have been addressed.

Zendaya and Tom Holland made it clear that while they discussed the possibility privately, it’s not in their immediate plans. “There has been talk of marriage, and that is a reality,” the source told PEOPLE. They don’t usually share everything on social media. For now, they’re just focused on their careers.

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