The Robinson family started preparing the baby’s room as soon as they settled into their new house so that it would be ready when the new member of the family was born.

In just four months, Mrs. Robinson had to give birth to a boy, her second child, in 4 months.

The Robinsons were animal lovers, but since their landlord banned them from owning a dog because they lived in an apartment, they no longer want a dog but at least one puppy.

The two wives took their 6-year-old son Matias to an animal shelter to choose a dog. They wanted a non-aggressive puppy who could grow up on the farm with the kids.

After touring the paddocks and hearing about some of the dogs’ tragic stories, they were hesitant of which puppy to choose.

As they were leaving, they came across Benson, a 4-year-old pit bull. He walked back, his tail tucked between his knees, as if he had lost all faith in people.

The Robinson family inquired about Benson, and the staff at the animal shelter told them that he had a truly awful life.

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