Any bride will tell you that wedding expenses can add up. Some brides will make every effort to design a low-budget wedding, but if you choose to participate in any of the festivities, it will cost you money.

One lady who desired an extravagant wedding concluded that asking her guests to cover the costs would be the best course of action. She even requested payment from them for them to receive an invitation to the wedding.

For the invitation, the bride requested that each of them contribute roughly $1200. Ultimately, though, just eight of the attendees submitted an RSVP along with the money. The couple’s situation wasn’t good at that moment.

Spending $1200 on a grandiose wedding is not really on her friend’s or family members’ radars, given that the majority of them probably struggle just to make ends meet daily. But the bride was not pleased with what transpired.

“Dear friends, it comes with tremendous sorrow that I am announcing the cancellation of the wedding,” posted the bride, Susan, on social media. I apologize for the short notice cancellation—just four days.

“I regret to inform you that [fiance] and I have split up because of some recent, irreversible issues. We have decided to call it quits on our romance and to drop any further legal action.

She wasn’t sure how to apologize, even though the response wasn’t what she had anticipated. “I specifically, I mean specifically asked for cash gifts,” she claimed. Without adequate funds, how could we have the wedding of our dreams?

“We had made so many sacrifices, and all we asked for was about $1,500 [Canadian] per guest.”

“My maid of honor offered her planning services and $5,000 [Canadian].” With tears in our eyes, we accepted. The family of my ex-partner promised to pay $3,000.

Therefore, it wasn’t abnormal for us to ask for $1,500 for each additional guest. Like, it’s obvious now. You weren’t invited to our private wedding if you couldn’t contribute. It’s an event of a lifetime [sic].

She was asked for a handout to put things into perspective. “Since our love was like a fairytale, we wanted an extravagant blowout wedding,” she said in defense of her decision. When a local clairvoyant advised us to choose the most expensive choice, we believed there was no way in hell.

Unfortunately, her ideal was not shared by anybody else.

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