If you are a parent, you are aware that occasionally your kids will require help with their schoolwork. Helping them might be challenging, particularly if you don’t think what they’re doing makes sense.

Many of us find math to be a challenging subject in school, and it may be challenging to support kids in need of assistance. But as it turns out, no matter who you are, some math problems are challenging.

The kids are struggling with a different kind of arithmetic than what we learned in school, which doesn’t help either. We might not understand the reasoning behind it, and to be perfectly honest, neither do our kids.

Maybe that’s why a parent found it so hard to accept a query from an elementary school pupil. It was publicized on social media and happened in June 2023.

People assumed they knew the answer as soon as they saw the question, but they had no idea that a contentious discussion would follow. Adults were finding it difficult to answer a question meant for children.

It was partly due to the wording of the question. There is more to the answer than simply a simple yes or no; it takes some subtle analysis.

Because it was just 12:03, most people believed that option D was the best one. It would then be the most similar to the designated hour of the day.

However, some others pointed out that the question asked about the closest time to rather than the closest time till. This was disrupted since several individuals assumed that it must be the hour before the desired time of the evening.

While creative thinking has its place, arithmetic isn’t really where it belongs. Since math is meant to be rational, many parents were having difficulty understanding this issue, which is still up for dispute.

Many individuals believe that there are several acceptable answers in the end. While some people believed that responding before midnight would be ideal, it was also acceptable to provide the nearest time, which was after midnight.

Which answer did you give?

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