The picture, which depicts the young girl posing in a park with her hands in front of her waist, left many perplexed.

The girl’s legs appear abnormally long and thin at first glance, but this is just an optical illusion.

After examining the picture more closely, Twitter users who had initially expressed confusion about it realized that the child was carrying a bag of popcorn, which had a color quite similar to the uneven grass she was standing on.

More than 37,000 people have remarked on the image on Facebook, with many of them being unable to decipher what is happening. The photo has been shared more than 250,000 times. Kindly ensure that you share this on Facebook so that your friends may see it as well.

The majority of individuals find this puzzle confusing after viewing the accompanying image illusion. Still, some could figure out the solution right away. Others, however, were unable to correctly estimate and respond.

Since it can be difficult to detect, we have included an image with the common solution added. The girl is carrying a large bag of popcorn, which complements the withered grass in the background nicely.

Is it visible to you? Don’t worry if you can’t; we’ll assist you with the following solution image. The girl is clutching a bag of popcorn, which is indicated by a circle.

Are you able to see it now? Everything is logical!

She was most likely at some kind of fair or event with her family, where there was grass to park on. Her lovely bag of popcorn was strategically placed to fit in with the grass, giving the impression that her legs were quite thin. But her expression is not one of happiness.

Perhaps because she wanted to ride the Ferris wheel a couple more times and they were on their way home? That or her father just cracked an extremely offensive joke.

Kindly ensure that you share this on Facebook so that your friends may see it as well.

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