Online, this tale of love and unshakable dedication has won people over. Brazilian David César has devoted his life to taking care of his wife, Bruna de Sousa, who unfortunately went into a vegetative condition in 2018 following a medical catastrophe.

When Bruna experienced an unexpected medical event when they were at home, their lives were permanently altered. Bruna had long-term effects from the lack of oxygen during the incident, even after resuscitation measures were taken. David quit his job to take care of his wife full-time because he was committed to supporting her.

David has generously given Bruna round-the-clock home care since 2019. This includes scheduling doctor’s visits, keeping track of her medicines, and making sure her basic needs are satisfied.
But the financial cost has been enormous. Bruna’s medical expenses, including those for experts and required supplies, have surpassed David’s previous earnings from driving.

Even in the face of difficulties, David remains optimistic. A ray of hope emerged with the announcement of a possible cure in Canada. However the cost of the therapy is high, so David has to turn to Internet fundraising for assistance once more.

David has shared priceless moments and updates on Bruna’s status on social media throughout their battle, chronicling their journey.

His steadfast devotion to Bruna and his affection for her are a moving example of the enduring power of real love. We are compelled to consider the levels of dedication we offer to our relationships based on David’s experience.

What do you think about their love story?

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