As soon as the pictures went viral, the actor’s sizable fan base sprang to his defense, declaring that humility is his best quality and that this is how he lives.

The actor’s disdain for wealth, high-end automobiles, and luxury clothes is widely known. He frequently sits next to homeless people, conversing, sharing a meal, and enjoying a beverage with them.

In addition, when his sister Kim fought leukemia for ten years, the actor gave an incredible 70% of his profits from the first “Matrix” film to funding leukemia research.

Furthermore, the well-known actor has now founded a nonprofit to support those with cancer.

My own charity has been supporting cancer research and many children’s hospitals for the past five or six years. He said in an interview with Ladies Home Journal, “I dislike having to attach my name to it; I just let the foundation do what it does and help those in need.”

Ultimately, he is a cinematic classic, a man with the greatest heart, and his hordes of admirers will always adore him, regardless of his appearance! Love from all of us, Keanu!

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