The man has been active in adoption for 19 years and has successfully raised 30 children throughout this time.

Thomas Lamont is a Buffalo inhabitant. His family has extended with the adoption of five small children under the age of five.

They’re all siblings. Lamont Thomas is now parenting 12 children. GMA has published a story on a single father.

Thomas struggled to hold back emotions as he was permitted to bring five children inside the house in front of the court.

He states that much effort has been made to incorporate his five siblings into the family.

The home currently has two biological children, Lamonica and Anthony, as well as 10 adoptive children. The life of a single father started in 2000.

I initially assisted a buddy of mine. Then I went on to earn a degree that allowed me to become a foster parent. Since then, I have not stopped.

Michael, one of the elder adoptees, is now 27 years old. The guy alleges that Thomas’ residence became his third in succession before becoming his own. The biological parents of the kid were known to his single father.

Michael recalls how Thomas never gave up on his children. They only split after maturing and starting their own families.

In the single father’s family, everyone was treated equally and loved equally. According to Michael, God’s call for fathers is to raise their children.

Now that we’re all grownups, Michael laughs: “I can’t believe he began anew. He wound up saving my life. Without him, I would not be where I am today.”

Thomas thought it was time to stop at some point. One of the elder kids moved out and married.

Despite the fact that the family had seven other children, it appeared that the solitary father was homesick. He decided to “come out of retirement” after hearing that five siblings were seeking for a family.

And Thomas knows them since he reared the father of these children. The father did not want his children to live in different households.

The four children ended up in various places and were separated for almost a year and a half.

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