This pair is typical in that they have different expectations for their first date. While the producer’s coworker went out to dinner as casually as it sounds, the man who had his sights set on her treated the occasion as if it were their first date.

The actor asked the producer out three times before they agreed to go out with him, possibly due to her reluctance. They had a strange encounter at a Montreal lunch, where the actor brought oatmeal and herbs, making the producer think he was strange. Despite their initial reluctance, the producer believed the encounter was their first date. The actor proposed to Susan, but she accepted on certain conditions.


Susan Downey, a Hollywood actress, and Robert Downey, a “Sherlock Holmes” actor, married in 2005 in a Jewish ceremony in the Hamptons. Susan had never dealt with addiction, but Robert appreciated her lack of knowledge about it. Susan helped him deal with his addiction and gave him the space to deal with his hardships on his own.

Robert credited Susan with helping him deal with his addiction and the validation she provided. The couple has two children, Exton and Avri, and has a two-week rule to ensure their union was nurtured. They met on the set of Gothika, Robert’s first serious gig since he was incarcerated. Their jobs have also given them opportunities to team up, allowing them to maintain a close relationship and support each other through their journey.


Robert Downey and Susan Downey, who worked together on “Iron Man 2” and “Due Date,” started their own production company, Team Downey, in 2010. They plan to keep most of their jobs within the family business, including the third “Sherlock Holmes” movie. Their secret to a long-lasting marriage is to enjoy each other, and their comedic side was evident when Robert accepted his Golden Globes award, jokingly claiming his wife believed Matt Damon would win. Susa Downey managed to manage her husband’s expectations and took the award home.

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