TikToker Camryn Herriage’s family has shared a hopeful update after the 23-year-old began showing signs of recovery following a serious accident.

Herriage was severely injured in a hit-and-run crash that killed her roommate Sara House, 22, two months ago, and was given just two percent chance of recovery.

The Texas Tech grad had been on a ventilator since February 11 after the car she, her roommate, and other friends were in was hit by a pickup truck as they waited at a light.

Carmen Guerrero, 27, was arrested and accused of driving 70mph in a 35mph zone while drunk before crashing into the vehicle.

Herriage was given just 2 percent chance of recovery by doctors, having been so severely injured in the accident, but her father has shared a hopeful update detailing signs that she is on the road to recovery.

Her father, Tim, shared on Facebook on Sunday: “Today, I spent time with Camryn, and I’m pleased to report that she’s doing well.

“Her eyes track movements, and she enjoys watching friends and Disney movies, showing signs of engagement with her surroundings.”

Revealing the miraculous signs of recovery she is displaying, he added: “Notably, she was able to grab a ball, hold it, and drop it on command multiple times, demonstrating progress in her physical abilities.

“Camryn is actively retraining herself physically, showing determination and resilience in her recovery journey. Mentally and cognitively aware, she mouths words like ‘hi’ and demonstrates conscious control of her bodily functions.”

Tragically, he also revealed that Herriage “continues to experience pain from her injuries”, and that it is still a long road ahead until she is fully healed.

“We understand that Camryn’s recovery will require ongoing physical, speech, and other therapies. While we recognize that there’s still a long road ahead, we remain hopeful for her continued improvement,” Tim wrote, adding: “We’re not out of the woods yet.”

He added that the family is hopeful Herriage will completely regain her ability to speak, and thanked her followers for “every gesture of kindness and encouragement”.

Her mother, Shirley Campanello, previously admitted that the family had been prepared for the worst when the 23-year-old was taken into surgery.

She told Fox 4 News: “[The doctor] said it would last six hours. He was out in an hour and half and when he came out, I knew she was gone. I just knew it because he was out so fast, but it was good. It was good news, not bad.

“It’s just amazing how God has worked through all of this.”


Carmen Guerrero is facing up to 50 years behind bars for allegedly causing the crash. Credit: Fort Worth Police Department

According to witness, Guerrero, who appeared “extremely intoxicated” and was “wearing a small black dress and white clubbing shoes”, fled the scene after the crash.

Her wallet was found in the back of the abandoned truck by police, who located her and arrested her 11 days after the incident.

House was killed in the crash, Herriage was severely injured, and several of the others in the car also suffered injuries as a result of the impact.

A GoFundMe set up by Herriage’s best friend said the young woman had suffered “a torn aorta, a completely broken C1, brain swelling and bleeding, and over 20 breaks throughout her body”.

It added: “After 2 months in the ICU dependent on a ventilator, her perseverance shines as she is now breathing on her own. Camryn’s journey ahead is uncertain and challenging. After 5 surgeries, and multiple procedures, Camryn continues to fight. She still faces at least 2 more surgeries and months left in the ICU and a Neuro rehabilitation facility.

“In this moment of profound grief, we also remember Sara House and the others who were affected by this tragedy. This horrific accident reminds us of the preciousness of life and the impact of this event on so many.”


A fundraiser has been set up to help Herriage in her recovery. Credit: GoFundMe

The post continued: “Camryn’s survival so far is nothing short of miraculous. Her stability, under these circumstances, speaks volumes of the incredible strength and resilience she possesses, and the power prayers and positive thoughts from all of you.

“Yet, the road to recovery is expected to be long and filled with obstacles. Doctors anticipate a recovery period of at least two years, during which Camryn will face significant challenges, including adapting to life with a wheelchair.”

It has currently raised $29,871 of its $75,000 target, also revealing that the medical costs of her recovery would not be covered by insurance.

Guerrero faces multiple charges for the fatal crash, including manslaughter, a collision involving death, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

She is currently being held at the Dallas County jail and faces up to 50 years behind bars if found guilty.

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