The breathtaking transformation of a nearly 400-year-old Cape 🤩🏡 Find the photos in the comments👇

“Old houses can be a bit scary,” says Anna Allen, not because of ghosts but because they can have confusing layouts, dangerous materials, and serious problems due to their age.

Broad Oak Farm, a nearly 400-year-old six-bedroom house in Hanover, Massachusetts, had been bought and sold eight times before Anna and her husband became its new owners in late 2020. They felt lucky to have it because the previous owners had taken good care of it, needing only some paint to freshen it up.

The house, parts of which were built in the 1640s, was decorated in a classic American style, but each owner had left their mark. Anna and her husband decided to repaint everything in calm colors to let the house’s history speak for itself.

Let’s take a look inside.

After the renovation:

The kitchen had old beams hidden by a modern ceiling, which the previous owner uncovered. They put in new countertops made of butcher block and a marble backsplash. The cabinets were painted in a tan color to match the house’s style, and they added a big island for storage and a focal point.

In the dining room, they placed an old table Anna found online for cozy dinners. The original wooden floors were revealed under a rug, a gift from Anna’s in-laws.

Anna wanted one room to have a darker, moody feel, so they painted the walls and trim in a dark color. Goose, their dog, enjoys lounging on an old loveseat.

The living room has a huge fireplace, and they decided to keep it simple with just a projector for entertainment. They added antique furniture for a cozy atmosphere.

In the reading room, they used furniture passed down from Anna’s family and added some vintage touches.


The hallway has simple hooks and bins for organization, with black painted floors.

The mudroom has unique soapstone sinks and a painting by Anna’s cousin. They used warm colors for a cozy feel.

In one of the bedrooms, they used an old bed frame and bedding from Ikea.

The guest bathroom has a classic clawfoot tub and black-painted floor tiles.

Their garden has traditional plantings and a path made of cobblestones leading to a historic feature called the “coffin door,” used in old colonial homes for funerals.

Before the renovation:

The kitchen had old countertops and a dated color scheme.

Each room was painted in different colors, but they decided to simplify everything with neutral tones to highlight the house’s architecture.

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