Dr. Sanders was put in a very challenging situation when she received a call from the hospital regarding an emergency. She was off for the day and was having trouble hiring a nanny for her three small children.

Right now? Do you really think Dr. Morris isn’t available? She had already changed her clothing and was attempting to think of a solution when she called Nurse Carey with her question.

“No, Dr. Sanders. Dr. Morris is now attempting to get here by driving over state boundaries. I thought I would give you a call because I know you well.

The interns are clueless about their tasks. Although I am aware that today is your day off, I had run out of options. Are you able to attend? Trying not to seem concerned, Nurse Carey remarked.

Although Dr. Sanders was quick to phone her sister, who was not at home, she was unable to assist. Vicky, the lady who occasionally watched the children, was contacted next, but she stated she didn’t feel well and couldn’t help either.

Dr. Sanders was left to raise her three children, Johnny, 9, Christie, 7, and Lucy, alone when her husband Peter passed away.
When she was regularly scheduled at work, she usually paid the local childcare facility through the roof, but that particular day, she was unable to hurry them in. She would feel awful mailing them, and it was already Friday lunchtime.

Dr. Sanders heard her three children running out of the home and yelling, “Uncle Bob, Uncle Bob,” in the midst of the mayhem.

Although they didn’t have an uncle, Dr. Sanders’ kids developed a strong affection for the neighborhood garbageman who picked up her trash for more than a decade because of his kindness.

Dr. Sanders had a thought when she was seeing Bob with her kids. She walked up to him and said, “Bob, I have this weird request. You’re busy, I realize that. However, I was curious if you could watch my kids for twenty-five minutes. Her children were staring at Bob, hoping for a favorable response, but she implored, “I have to check something urgent at the hospital, and I have no one else.”

Yes, Dr. Sanders. I can keep an eye on them for a bit,” he smiled and nodded in response. The kids yelled and leaped.

But they’re not just a small group. I’m alerting you,” she murmured.

“Never fear. You may now proceed. Your work matters,” Bob answered.

Dr. Sanders went to the hospital, but she spent more than three hours there since the emergency case required surgery. She was sorry that she had left Bob to watch her misbehaving and demanding kids for so long.

When Dr. Sanders arrived home, she was astounded to see how neat her house was.

“What took place in this instance? My home is no longer recognized. And why aren’t the youngsters yelling and scuttling everywhere?

Bob said, “Lucy is napping, and Christie and Johnny are reading in their rooms.”

How come? Are you joking with me?

“No, let’s see.”

Dr. Sanders was shocked and questioned, “How did you do this?”

Yes, Dr. Sanders. I formerly raised children as a single parent. Bob chuckled, “Mine were 10 times worse than these three angels. I told them stories about fairies and taught them how to clean up after themselves. Your kids devoured that. Perhaps you should get them other books.

Dr. Sanders gave Bob money as he was leaving and apologized for being late once more, but he declined, stating that he preferred to spend time with the kids.

Dr. Sanders expressed his gratitude. After she got home that evening and thought back on her day, she offered Bob to watch her kids rather than going to work as a garbage guy.

She made him an offer that was three times higher than his previous wage from his employment. There would be more health advantages to becoming a babysitter.

Bob decided to take the position after giving it some thought, and Dr. Sanders was so appreciative that she gave him a Christmas bonus and airline tickets so his family could travel to Disneyland in California later that year.

This mother came to the realization that her children needed a caregiver who truly felt like family. Because they disliked being among strangers, they detested childcare.

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