On February 19, Travis Kelce and his brother, Jason Kelce, shared a short message with their podcast audience.

Normally, the brothers release episodes of their podcast New Heights on Wednesday mornings during the football season. However, due to recent tragic events, the Kelce brothers decided to release a bonus episode.

During the short episode, Travis and Jason looked solemn as they addressed the devastating shooting that took place at the Chiefs Championship parade. The parade that killed one and injured 22 more.

In the episode, Travis and Jason thanked law enforcement and first responders for their heroic actions and offered their condolences to everyone directly affected by the shooting and beyond.

“Attention 92-percenters, we have a pre-recorded for you guys coming up on Wednesday, but after the tragic events of the Super Bowl parade in Kansas City, it didn’t feel right without you hearing from us first,” Travis explained.

“We just want to say our hearts go out to the victims, their families, Chiefs Kingdom, really all of Kansas City that was really there on a day to try and celebrate the community. It’s unfortunate and deeply tragic, the events that occurred,” Jason added.

As they continued, the Kelce brothers highlighted the Chiefs Emergency Relief fund that uses donations to support victims and their families, violence prevention, and mental health services.

Not too mention, Travis and Jason are planning to help out the community even more, and revealed that they are working to get even more involved in the rebuilding efforts.

“92-percenters, we appreciate ya. Kansas City and Chiefs Kingdom, we love you guys. We’re with you guys. And we will see you guys soon,” Travis concluded.

People in the comments admitted the video made them emotional, saying they can see the emotional toll in Travis’s eyes. “I’m sobbing, I can tell your hearts are heavy,” one person wrote.

“They are so articulate! Love how they address the bad and don’t just do fun,” another added.

Both Taylor and Travis, respectively, have donated $100,000 each to different victims of the shooting.

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