Imagine having a job where you’re on your feet all day, smiling at customers, and making sure they’re happy.

Now, picture that job as a waiter or waitress in a restaurant. It sounds fun, right? But it’s not always easy. Sometimes, customers can be tough, making the job a bit harder. And there’s something else that waiters and waitresses face – their pay isn’t always great.

In the United States, people who serve food can be paid less than other jobs because they get tips from customers. But here’s the thing – in 21 states, these servers get only $2.13 an hour before tips.

Waitress receives no tip on a $187 bill, captures attention with her response on Facebook

A report shared by The Wall Street Journal said that about 15% of waiters and waitresses don’t make enough money, which is more than other kinds of jobs. They often need extra help from programs and might not have health benefits or paid sick days.

Sometimes, customers don’t leave a tip, which can be really tough for servers. For example, Taylar Cordova, a waitress, got no tip on a bill that was $187.43. She would have gotten more than $28 if the customer had left a standard tip. She shared her story online to show how hard it can be for servers. Her message was shared a lot, over 12,000 times!

Taylar wrote about how important tips are for servers to take care of their families and how hard it is when customers don’t leave a tip. She said that even when service isn’t the best, leaving a small tip is still important because that money really matters to people who are serving.

But there’s some good news on the horizon. According to Eater, seven states, including New York, are working on making the pay better for servers by increasing or getting rid of the lower tipped minimum wage. This is important because by the end of this year, lots of people, about 12.9 million, will be working in restaurants in the U.S., making up 10% of all jobs.



Facebook/ Taylor Cordova

So next time you’re out eating at a restaurant, remember how much your tip can mean to your server. Sharing kindness, one tip at a time, can make a big difference.

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