A former Wendy’s manager created a ‘fake employee’ to pocket $20,000 in wages after clocking them in for 128 shifts, police have confirmed.

Former Wendy’s manager, Linda Johnson, who invented a ‘ghost’ employee called ‘William Bright’, clocked the fake employee in and out for shifts so she could pocket the wages.

Johnson, who worked in Pennsylvania, has now been charged with theft by deception, according to Manheim Township Police Department.

The manager kept up the scheme for almost a year before being caught, according to reports.

She began clocking in ‘William Bright’ for shifts in June 2021 until May last year when she was finally found out.

During the investigation, employees said they could ‘never recall’ working with someone with that name, then Johnson finally admitted to making the fake employee to cash in on the extra wages.

Police confirmed that the pay checks were deposited into her Cashapp account.

After a criminal case was bought against Johnson, she then went missing and her whereabouts were unknown as police released an appeal to the public for any information regarding her whereabouts.

Johnson’s crime was posted to social media, as people gave their opinion of her illegal methods. One person commented commending the former manager:

“I’m not gonna lie, this is smart as hell.

You can’t even be mad at her. 128 shifts without anyone noticing this ‘new employee’ is insane LMAO.”

The woman worked at a Wendy's in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Dan Tian/Getty Images
The woman worked at a Wendy’s in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Dan Tian/Getty Images

“I respect the hustle,” another commented.

Others wondered if Johnson didn’t have the help of other staffers, with one writing, “She wasn’t doing it alone, she must have been sharing the benefits with other staff.”

It was reported that the restaurant’s insurer paid out a hefty $16,000 for the incident.

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