Pat Sajak isn’t typically left speechless like this on ‘Wheel of Fortune.’

Wheel of Fortune is never shy when it comes to highlighting wild, unexpected moments on the show, especially when it involves the guesses contestants drop on puzzles. Pat Sajak has been there for most of these moments, typically injecting his trademark sarcasm and wit into the moment. So when he’s surprised by an answer, you know people were paying attention.

Recently the show got another moment to add to the record, with a contestant who made it to the final round closing out the game with one strange comment. Most viewers will have to agree with the comment, though, once they see the solved puzzle.

The final category was “What are you doing?” and it was up to contestant Kate Mock Elliot to uncover the three-word answer after guessing a few letter choices, on top of the customary RSTLNE the game gives players. This gave her a lead on the final word, leading to her repeatedly guessing “leaf.” She started with “moving a leaf” and then “raking a leaf.”

In the end, her ten seconds were up and she was far from the correct answer, “Fixing a leak.” After the reveal, she told Sajak how she thought it could’ve been “leak” as the final word but decided against it. Her description caught the host off guard, leading a fun moment.

“I kept thinking of doing something else with a leak, and I didn’t think that was it,” she told Sajak, earning a prized glare from the host to the cameras and some theatrics with the prize card.

“Excuse me,” Sajak said, bending down to pick up the prize placard he dropped. “These get heavy sometimes.” Fans also chimed in from home after viewing the clip, telling the contestant they were thinking the same thing.

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