The Sister Act star stood up mid discussion to speak to the audience member

Goldberg has been a member of the ABC show’s panel since 2007 and, over her 17 year stint, hasn’t been a stranger to some controversies.

Back in November of last year, the actress ruffled a few feathers for hitting out at ‘lazy millennials’.

The segment in question discussed whether Gen Z’s ‘American Dream’ is different to that of millennials because of things like inflation and student debt – but Goldberg wasn’t having it that Gen Z have it worse.

“Every generation comes and wants to do better than their parents did, but I am sorry, if you only want to work four hours, it is going to be harder for you to get a house,” she said at the time.

“I feel for everybody that feels this, but I am sorry, we busted our behinds, we had to because we didn’t have the opportunities.”

While not everyone was in agreement with her sentiments, more recently The View fans have praised her for calling out an audience member on Tuesday’s show (March 26).

The panel were chatting about Donald Trump when Goldberg interrupted her co-star Sunny Hostin.

“Hold on a second,” the 68-year-old said as she got up from her seat.

The actress was seen addressing the man in the audience.


“Sir, I have to stop you with the camera, because I can see you,” Goldberg went on tell a member of the audience whose face wasn’t shown on screen.

“So do me a favor, don’t pull it out again. I’d appreciate that, thank you.”

Her fellow panelists looked a confused during Goldberg’s exchange with the man as they weren’t aware he was filming.

Meanwhile, some others gave a half-hearted, awkward clap as The View veteran made her way back to her seat.

While it was a rather uncomfortable exchange, some The View fans took to X to applaud Goldberg.

“I’m glad Whoopi didn’t wait until commercial to address that man,” one viewer wrote. “Hopefully she deterred any other fool from trying to sneak record the show.”

A third added, alongside a GIF of Debra Jo Rupp laughing: “Not Whoopi going into mother mode and telling that man to put his camera up! #TheView.”

“I agree with her. It’s rude,” another said as they backed Goldberg’s decision to address the man there and then.

According to Page Six, The View audience members are only allowed to record videos of the popular daytime show hosts and the set while they’re not filming.

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