Britney Spears has been a pop culture icon for decades, captivating audiences with her music, performances, and undeniable charm. Throughout her career, fans have witnessed not only her artistic evolution but also changes in her appearance. From her early days as a fresh-faced teen sensation to her mature persona as a seasoned performer and mother, Britney’s looks have undergone noticeable transformations over the years.

She had a bad experience with Botox.

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Britney Spears, 42, poured her heart out on Instagram, expressing her deep regret after trying Botox. She confessed that despite trying it in New York City years ago, it never worked for her. For probably 10 to 15 years, it’s been a disaster, and she had to hide for 2 weeks.

She went on to reveal how her experience left her feeling disheartened. Seeing her friend’s sisters laugh about it made her question how they’d feel if they were in her shoes. While eyebrow mishaps are played for laughs, experiencing it in real life left her in tears. She couldn’t help but wonder when the effects would fade away.

Experts noticed a major dental work in Britney’s appearance.

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In a heartfelt video, Dr. Gary Linkov, a plastic surgeon from New York City, examined Britney Spears’ transformation through photos spanning her career. In the YouTube analysis, the doctor started with images of Spears at 17 in 1998, highlighting her naturally youthful features like her radiant complexion and vibrant eyes. He emphasized her lovely nose and full cheeks, signs of her youthful glow.

As the years progressed, he noted changes in her smile, suggesting she may have undergone dental work around 2002. «In 2003 at the age of 22, Britney it seems to me has gotten some form of veneers. Her teeth have a different shape and color compared to prior [photos].» In the photos from the year 2004 to 2010, he didn’t find any changes in her appearance that would suggest plastic surgery.

Her nose looks slimmer.

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For a while now, fans have been talking about whether Britney Spears had a nose job around 2014. Doctor Linkov weighed in on this idea, saying that in 2014 Britney may have had a rhinoplasty. He pointed out how her nose bridge seemed narrower that year than ever before.

He explained that in this procedure, the nose bones are broken to make them narrower. Linkov also noticed that the tip and wings of Britney’s nose appeared slimmer after this time. Then, in 2015, he mentioned seeing «signs of a brow lift.»

She might have fillers, experts say.

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The following year, Linkov mentioned that it seemed like Britney might have started getting some lip filler. He then examined a photo of Spears from 2018 when she was 37. At that point, he noticed she seemed to have stopped getting Botox. He could see more wrinkles and lines, signs of natural aging that Botox usually hides.

However, the next year, he thought she might have started getting filler in her cheeks and under-eye areas. «To me, the cheeks are more full, especially medially where she — in the past when she was younger — had that volume and lost some of it with aging.» He analyzed red carpet pics of her from 2019 and made a conclusion, «It looks like she’s gotten some of that back, and the under-eyes to me also look less hollow.»

In 2021, when the mom of two turned 40, Linkov suspected she got additional cheek filler, this time more in the outer part of her cheeks.

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