Despite speculation and photographic evidence, Cruise vehemently denies ever undergoing cosmetic procedures.

Tom Cruise claimed that he would never do any plastic surgery.

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In a 2012 interview, Cruise adamantly refuted allegations of plastic surgery, stating unequivocally, «I haven’t and never would.» However, skeptics remain unconvinced, pointing to the evolving nuances of his features over the years.

It’s interesting that Cruise looks a bit more natural these days. Maybe he’s not getting as many cosmetic treatments, or he’s asking for more subtle changes. Since he never talks about what he’s done, we can only guess. Still, experts and cosmetology and plastic surgery can make their conclusions based on their experience.

Sceptics insist he does Botox.

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/East News

Interestingly, recent observations suggest a return to a more natural aesthetic for Cruise. It prompted speculation about a potential cessation or reduction in cosmetic interventions. Alternatively, it raises the possibility of a shift towards subtler enhancements, veiled from public scrutiny.

Dr. Richard Westreich suggests that Cruise may have invested significantly in cosmetic treatments, including substantial doses of Botox. Moreover, speculations regarding specific surgeries, such as chin liposuction and laser resurfacing, add layers to the ongoing discourse surrounding Cruise’s appearance.

There could be an easy explanation of his puffy face in 2021.

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However, not all medical professionals share the same perspective. Dr. Pam Agullo asserts that Cruise’s facial changes indicate possible overindulgence of fillers, emphasizing the impact of inexperienced hands in cosmetic procedures. Her husband, Dr. Frank Agullo, echoes her sentiments, highlighting areas that may benefit from surgical interventions.


As observers analyze Cruise’s appearance over time, discrepancies emerge, prompting further questions. His 2021 appearance, characterized by swelling and puffiness, is contrasted with a seemingly rejuvenated look in 2022, complete with visible fine lines. Experts theorize about the settling of alleged surgical interventions or the possibility of varied cosmetic treatments.

His hair also started to look different in comparing to 2021.


Beyond facial alterations, attention is drawn to Cruise’s changing hairstyle. It prompted speculation about potential hair transplants. These observations underscore the multifaceted nature of celebrity transformations, incorporating various facets of cosmetic enhancement.

Ultimately, the mystery surrounding Tom Cruise’s evolving appearance persists, inviting continued speculation and analysis from both experts and enthusiasts alike.

Aging is a natural and beautiful part of life’s journey, reflecting our experiences and wisdom gained over time. Each line and gray hair tells a story of resilience and growth.

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