Elly was together with Mark for three years, and in that three years, Mark was always private about his family.

It was a big moment for Elly to meet with Mark’s family. The family house of Mark was sitting in a private area, where the forest was surrounding it.

The meeting started calmly, as the parents were cordian, and the house was authentic. They started to dinner, and the food was never seen by Elly before. They explained that it was a traditional dish, which Mark was proud of.

As Elly asked about the food, they evaded Elly’s question, and asked her to try it first. As she tried to poke it with her fork, she saw that the meat in the dish had hair on them. As she was disgusted with the food on her plate, she decided to left the house, as she excused herself.

As they went to the house with Elly’s car, she immediately went to her car, and texted to Mark that she is leaving, and ending their relationship.

She was feeling lousy on the next days, as she was in love with Mark, it was heartbreaking that she felt that she needed to leave him. He always talked about how his family always raised him with love and respect, and how great they were.

A week later, she read from the papers that a fire happened where Mark’s family were residing. The cause of the fire was stated as candles, which were used for rituals. She later saw that the house belonged to Mark’s family.

Few months later, she met with a mutual friend of Mark and herself. As he and Mark had a fight a year ago, they didn’t contacted for a while. As she asked about Mark and his family to her friend, she learned that they were into occultism.

One day he had joined to Mark and his family too, and he was shocked when he saw that they throw meat with skin and hair intact to them into the cauldron, and that they were believing that the energy of the animal is coming to them more clear.

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