Woman shares unreal McDonald's $12 dinner box hack that would cost at least double individually

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Woman shares unreal McDonald’s $12 dinner box hack that would cost at least double individually

More than one million people have viewed the woman’s video about the incredible hack

A savvy mom has gone viral after sharing an incredible McDonald’s order that managed to feed her family of five for just $12.

Any parent will know that managing to please your entire family with your choice of dinner can be tough, but McDonald’s is almost always guaranteed to be a winning option.

That being said, ordering numerous items from the menu can quickly rack up the cost of that dinner – but luckily Leiela Kapewa-Latu found a workaround that has captivated millions of people.

In a video shared on TikTok, Kapewa-Latu filmed herself in the McDonald’s drive-thru with her kids and explained that she’d noticed a comment on one of her previous videos discussing a ‘dinner box’ available at the fast-food restaurant.

The mom hadn’t tried it before, but decided to give it a go in her video.

The box cost just $12, and after collecting it from the drive-thru, Kapewa-Latu cracked it open to reveal all the goods inside.

“There’s two cheeseburgers in here, there are four small fries, 10-piece chicken nuggets and there’s two Big Macs – $12. That’s pretty f**king good,” she said.

The mom said the dinner box fed her family of five.


Kapewa-Latu continued: “So if you didn’t know, like we didn’t know, $12 will get you a dinner box. It’s not on the menu so you’ll probably just have to ask.”

Less than 10 days after sharing the video, Kapewa-Latu’s post now has more than 12 million views – indicating her family weren’t the only ones in the dark about the epic dinner deal.

“Never heard of that,” one person commented after watching the video, as another added: “Looks like a great deal!”

Speaking to Good Morning America, she said: “It fed my family of five. I’m just happy to get the word out there and let people know, like, there are still deals.”

Prices at McDonald’s restaurants vary depending on their location – which the fast food chain also confirmed to GMA – so some TikTok users responded to share that the dinner boxes weren’t so cheap in their areas.

“The bundle box in NJ is $25,” one viewer said.

“Las vegas box was literally 2 big macs, 2 small fries THATS IT!!! for $18.99,” another wrote.

However, it seems the bundle box would still be a good option for those looking to get more their for money.

If Kapewa-Latu had attempted to purchase two Big Macs, two burgers, four chips and a 10-piece nuggets box using the McDonald’s app, it would have cost her more than twice as much.

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