Over the past century, the roles of women in the workplace have dramatically changed, with millions of women now part of the workforce and traditional gender roles becoming increasingly outdated.

Today, tasks and responsibilities are more evenly shared between partners than ever before.

Pixabay/ Monicore

However, some women, like 25-year-old Estee Williams, choose to embrace traditional roles at home. Estee, who left her meteorology studies after meeting her husband Connor in 2020, identifies as a ‘tradwife’—a traditional wife who manages all household duties while her husband works as an electrician.

Estee prefers to handle the cooking, cleaning, and overall home management, allowing her husband to relax after work. She seeks his input on her daily activities, including workouts and shopping, and ensures she looks her best when he arrives home.

The couple plans to maintain this arrangement when they have children, with hopes to homeschool to closely manage their education.

Despite criticism on social media, where some label her as “lazy,” Estee finds satisfaction in her lifestyle, feeling content without the pressures of a job or financial responsibilities.

Estee’s choices reflect her personal preferences and circumstances, influenced by her challenging childhood and her mother’s struggles following a divorce.

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