A woman has spoken out about why she forced her husband to take a lie detector test every time he went out.

Most of us can admit that every now and then the green-eyed monster occasionally creeps in. Whether it’s over someone else getting that praise at work or because your partner gets a bit of attention when you’re out on a Friday night, the emotion of jealousy isn’t a pleasant one.

However, one woman’s green-eyed monster very much runs wild and free.

On an episode of ITV’s This Morning back in 2013, Debbi Wood and her husband Steve sat down to chat about their relationship with hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

In the video Debbi – who has been married twice before and since been dubbed the ‘world’s most jealous woman’ – admits she did indeed go out and buy a lie detector test.

Steve notes he made a passing ‘throwaway line’ he wasn’t doing anything wrong and would ‘even take a lie detector test to prove it’ which gave her the idea. But why was jealousy and mistrust present in the first place?

Debbi bought a lie detector test for Steve. Credit: ITV
Debbi bought a lie detector test for Steve. Credit: ITV

Well, when the pair first started dating they lived far away from one another and hadn’t said whether they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend and it was during this time, Steve saw someone else.

While they later became exclusive, Debbi ended up feeling ‘resentful towards [Steve] for the slight deception’ which gave way to an extreme form of jealousy, later snowballing into her making Steve take lie detector tests every time he came home, alongside checking his bank and phone records.

She says: “Well, when you’ve got a good man, you’re not going to let him go, are you?”

In another interview with This Morning the following year, Steve reassured that they now use the tests ‘as many times in a month as [they] would in a week’ if not ‘even less than that,’ adding it’s more like ‘once in a blue moon’.

However, that’s not the only rule the pair have in their relationship.

Steve is also restricted in what he can watch on TV. Credit: ITV
Steve is also restricted in what he can watch on TV. Credit: ITV

As well as being subject to a lie detector test, Steve is also restricted on what he’s allowed to watch on TV.

Debbi told the Mail: “One night, an advert for a women’s razor came on television and I felt panicky thinking that Steve was eyeing the model up.

“The only thing that could put my mind at rest was banning him from watching any programmes that have women in them.”

She explained on This Morning she can ‘understand a man admiring somebody that’s beautiful because all women have an inner beauty and an outer beauty’ but she has an issue when men start sexually fantasising about another woman.

Schofield then brings up a moment earlier in the interview which saw Debbi compliment his appearance questioning why she can do it but not Steve. Steve quickly jumps in and compliments the host too and the matter is laughed off.

However, there’s an apparent explanation for why Debbi feels such strong jealousy around her partner.

Debbi has been diagnosed with Othello Syndrome. Credit: ITV
Debbi has been diagnosed with Othello Syndrome. Credit: ITV

On top of having ‘previous traumatic relationships,’ Debbi reveals she’s been diagnosed with a ‘recognised medical condition’ called ‘Othello Syndrome’.

The syndrome is a ‘psychotic disorder characterized by delusion of infidelity or jealousy; it often occurs in the context of medical, psychiatric or neurological disorders,’ as per the National Library of Medicine.

And while it may be a tricky condition for both Steve and Debbi to manage, Steve resolved: “When we’re not arguing about this, our relationship is absolutely amazing.

“I make her laugh in ways she’s never laughed before. She makes me laugh in ways I’ve never laughed before.”

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