Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and our differences make the world a colorful and amazing place.

But many people aren’t happy with how they look. The fashion industry and media often show a false image of perfection, making our “imperfections” seem bad. This pressure makes people who don’t feel “pretty” turn to heavy makeup, injections, and even cosmetic surgery.

While some people are satisfied with small changes, others take things to the extreme with surgery.

One of these people is 24-year-old Andrea Ivanova, who is obsessed with making her lips as big as possible.

With hyaluronic acid lip injections, Andrea Ivanova has made her lips really big. Her goal is to have the biggest lips in the world, and she says she’s close to achieving it.

Andrea, who is from Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital and largest city, continues with her expensive and risky lip enhancements. She has undergone 27 procedures, quadrupling the size of her lips, according to Unilad.

“I like them a lot and feel much better,” Andrea told Jam Press.

Her unusual lifestyle comes at a cost. Each injection costs about $150 in Bulgaria, and she has spent around $5,000 on her lip enlargements, according to Malay Mail.

Despite studying German philology at a university in Sofia, Andrea isn’t done with her lip enhancements yet.


Andrea Ivanova wants even bigger lips, despite doctors advising against it. Her goal is to have the biggest lips in the world.

While she doesn’t have the official world record yet, Andrea believes her lips are already the largest.

“Many men from all over the world message me on social media, offering money, trips, and invitations,” she says.

Her followers, who seem knowledgeable about lip enhancements, also claim that no one has bigger lips than her.

Andrea describes her lips as “lovely” and is planning to get more injections.

“Some doctors think I’ve had enough, but my doctor said he will do more injections if I wait at least two months,” she says.


Andrea Ivanova has made some sacrifices to have larger lips.

“I like my new lips a lot. It was hard to eat after the injections, and it gets more difficult two to three days after the procedure. However, there are no restrictions on what I can eat,” she said.

Even though Andrea’s appearance is unique, it’s her body and her choice. Despite this, she receives a lot of hate online, which she mostly tries to ignore.

“I think everyone should look however they want,” Andrea says.


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