In the summer, while many kids their age were enjoying long sleep-ins and video games, three brothers from Saginaw, Michigan, decided to do something different and started their own business.

Marcus, Travell, and Marcelino McBride, ages 12, 10, and 9, launched the 3 Amigos Lawncare Service, turning a simple idea into a thriving venture.

It all began when Marcus, the eldest, shared his dream of starting a lawncare business with their mom, Terri Reed. The very next day, Terri bought all the equipment and work clothes they would need. With determination and their mom’s support, the brothers got to work.

They’ve spent their summer mowing lawns, trimming edges, and cleaning up yards. Their hard work has paid off, and they now have a long list of regular customers. “’m very proud of them,” their mom added. “They’re some hard working young boys.”

As the seasons change, the brothers are planning to expand their services to include leaf raking and snow removal. Despite being new to lawn care, Marcus had a clear vision and a strong work ethic, which has helped them succeed.

Their mom, who owns several rental properties, remarks, “It’s going great. I didn’t expect them to be as busy as they are. It’s been crazy.” The boys have managed to earn enough to even consider investing in property.

Every week, they look forward to their ‘pay days,’ while also saving money in their business accounts. This experience has not only been profitable for them but also enjoyable.

These young entrepreneurs are a fantastic example of what kids can achieve with a bit of creativity and a lot of hard work. Let’s share their story and inspire others, wishing the McBride brothers a bright and successful future ahead in their endeavors!

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