In February, passengers on a plane felt excited upon seeing 3 dogs sitting obediently alongside them during a flight. They were on their best behavior and were immediately the focus of attention. A photo of the 3 canine passengers that circulated the internet show how attentive they were. Although it was not shown where they focused their attention, netizens assumed they were listening to the flight attendant’s pre-flight safety demonstration.

A netizen named Darwin Franco Migues, who happened to be on the same flight, excitedly said in his post on Twitter: “Today, I was traveling next to 3 Red Cross search and rescue dogs!” He felt so touched seeing the dogs sitting well-behaved in their seats. Even the flight attendants who saw the adorable trio’s photo claim that they were the most obedient passengers they have encountered. Darwin praised the 3 dogs, who were well-trained and did not make a fuss throughout the journey.


The 3 dogs’ names were “Rex”“Balam”, and “Orly”, and they are search and rescue dogs from the Mexican Red Cross. The dogs from the organization have been trained for many years. After a strong earthquake, and cities are in ruins, these trained canines use their expertise to fully support disaster areas and assist rescue teams in local rapped people.

The photos of the 3 dogs that were shared on the internet touched the hearts of netizens around the world. Some of them left comments on the post:

“Can I sit among them?”

“Their photo melted many hearts.”

“Are you waiting for the plane meal? Hahahaha!”

“Hug in the air!”

“Look at their expression. The flight attendant must be preparing their meal.”

“I’m so lucky to meet search and rescue dogs by chance when I flew, so the time waiting during the flight is not boring at all!” Darwin said.

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