More people have become aware of maintaining good health and consuming the right type of food is their priority. Among them, Broccoli is known for fat reduction and fitness. It is rich in nutrients, relieves constipation, makes you lose weight, and fights cancer. They also have a lot of vitamin C. According to most people who cook, the cooking method of broccoli is very simple.

Recently, a man purchased a bag of broccoli and found something inside that left him horrified.

TVBS reported that 63-year-old Neville Linton from Birmingham, UK, went to an Aldi supermarket to restock his fridge and bought a bag of broccoli. 3 days later, when he removed the plastic packaging on the kitchen counter, he discovered a snake tucked up in one of the stems of the vegetable. After careful inspection, he realized it was still alive!

Horrified, Mr. Linton said: “It was pretty frightening. I’m not good with snakes. It’s lucky I didn’t just leave the broccoli out in the kitchen, or it would have been loose in the house.”

Later, the creature was brought to Dudley Zoo by Mr. Linton and his 41-year-old son, Donovan, for identification, and they discovered it was a young ladder snake. The zoo staff said that although the snake was not venomous, it can give a nasty nip to humans.

As for the compensation provided by the Aldi branch, Mr. Linton believed that the amount given was not enough to cover the possible risks since he has a disabled son and an ill elderly mother living in the house. In fear for them, he said: “That would have been a huge risk for us because we have two vulnerable people living here. It’s just not good enough. The implications for us, if it had got out in the house, are huge. Plus, I’m phobic of snakes, so there’s the emotional impact of that too.”

The Aldi branch manager admits that they have not received similar complaints from other customers. However, they will establish a protocol for SOP prevention so as not to encounter similar problems in the future, and more customers will feel at ease patronizing their store again.

An Aldi spokesperson said: “Our supplier has never had a complaint of this nature and has robust processes in place to prevent such issues from occurring. We are investigating this isolated incident and have apologized to Mr. Linton that our usual high standards were not met.” Dudley Zoo identified the snake as a “ladder snake”, and they are mostly found in Portugal, Spain, southern France, and parts of Italy. They are not venomous. However, they have a nasty bite. When they become aggressive, they can emit a foul odor to drive their enemies away.

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