Ryan Guzman revealed what went into that raunchy scene with J.Lo

Actor needed to use a 'd**k tie' when performing sex scene with Jennifer Lopez

The phrase ‘d**k tie’ probably conjures up some quite bizarre images in your brain, which is to be expected.

But you can get quickly rid of the mental image of a bloke trying to style a piece of fabric in a Windsor Knot on his manhood, as Jennifer Lopez‘s co-star kindly broke down exactly what one of these bizarre contraptions is for us.

Unfortunately for the actor, the weird bit of kit probably traumatised him when he had to sport it during a sex scene with the Bronx-born singer while shooting The Boy Next Door.

Ryan Guzman was the lucky lad who got to live out every teenage boys fantasy by getting frisky with J.Lo – although the then-28-year-old admitted the process of shooting it wasn’t as enjoyable as he might have imagined.

The fact Lopez was given a load of ‘cool gadgets‘ while he was lumbered with a ‘sock and a d**k tie’ really didn’t help matters, while I can imagine the glaring eyes of producers, camera operators and crew only added to the pressure.

The erotic thriller, released in 2015, follows a 19-year-old (Guzman) who develops a dangerous obsession with his high school teacher (Lopez) after they have a one-night stand.

Discussing how he prepared to take on the role of the stalker-like teen Noah Sandborn in The Boy Next DoorGuzman said he researched ‘different serial killers‘ to try and master the complicated character.

However, there wasn’t much he could do to gear up for getting his kit off in front of everyone on set – including the Jennifer Lopez – so he found stripping for his intimate scenes ‘extremely awkward’.

Ryan Guzman and Jennifer Lopez got more than frisky in the 2015 film. (Universal Pictures)

Ryan Guzman and Jennifer Lopez got more than frisky in the 2015 film. (Universal Pictures)

The Step Up star, 36, previously told InStyle: “It’s the only time I’ve ever gotten nude in front of everybody else—like a camera. Quite a few guys as far as the camera man and grips and boom operator.

“So these guys that I’ve just met a week and a half before, and lo and behold here I am, just baring all. And at the same time I’m doing it right in front of Jennifer, who – she is who she is. It’s just kind of crazy.”

On top of that pressure, Guzman also had to quickly get his head around how to use a ‘d**k tie’ – which he was provided with to prevent any unfortunate mishaps occurring if he got too excited.

He admitted that going all the way with Lopez – in movie land, of course – was actually a really mechanical process.

The actor, from Texas, explained that his private parts were strapped up to the nines to make it as tight as possible, which would prevent blood flow to the area – which is also known as, an accidental boner.

He had to wear an unusual bit of kit during intimate scenes with the music star. (Universal Pictures)

He had to wear an unusual bit of kit during intimate scenes with the music star. (Universal Pictures)

Discussing the strange contraption with Cosmopolitan in wake of the release of The Boy Next Door, Guzman said: “It’s this elastic thing on this sock where you make it as tight as you can so that you get no blood flow or anything going on, and it kind of holds on to your man parts so the sock isn’t, you know, pulled off during the scene.”

The American admitted he was envious of Lopez, who was wearing ‘guards’ from head to toe instead.

He explained: “She was wearing something on top of her and there was no full-on hand-to-genitalia.

“We kept it professional. Even when I’m grabbing on her chest, there were guards on them too, and my hand had to be positioned in a certain way so it didn’t show any of the guards [in the shot].

“It was definitely crazy. I was like, What is going on here? I didn’t even know about these before making movies. And do you have them for men? Because all I’m getting right now is a sock.”

In all honesty, we think most of us would have preferred to keep an industry secret like that… a secret.

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