Once hailed as Hollywood’s ultimate power couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship has spiraled into a contentious divorce battle, overshadowing their former glamour with allegations of abuse and legal wrangling.

Recent court filings have reignited the public’s interest in their tumultuous split, with claims emerging that Pitt’s alleged physical abuse against Jolie predates the infamous 2016 plane incident that marked a turning point in their relationship.

The once-unbreakable bond between the two megastars has shattered, evident in their ongoing legal disputes, including a lawsuit Pitt filed against Jolie over the sale of a French winery they jointly owned. Pitt accused Jolie of jeopardizing the winery’s reputation by selling her shares without his consent, further straining their already fractured relationship.

In retaliation, Jolie alleged in court documents that Pitt had subjected her to physical abuse during a plane journey in 2016, prompting her to file for divorce just days later. While Pitt denied the accusations, federal authorities launched an investigation into the incident, which did not result in criminal charges.

Fresh court documents submitted by Jolie’s legal team now suggest that Pitt’s history of physical abuse began earlier than previously disclosed, alleging that he had exhibited abusive behavior toward both Jolie and their children before the 2016 plane incident.

While the specifics of the alleged abuse remain undisclosed, Jolie’s legal team aims to substantiate their claims through testimony, emails, and other evidence, shedding light on Pitt’s alleged misconduct and its impact on their relationship.

Among the revelations is Jolie’s assertion that Pitt insisted she sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as a condition for purchasing her stake in the French winery. This NDA, according to Jolie, aimed to silence her from speaking out about Pitt’s abuse by linking his personal reputation to the winery’s business interests.

Pitt’s team has yet to respond to Jolie’s latest filing, but a source close to the actor dismissed the allegations as a distraction tactic, emphasizing that a custody trial had already been conducted, resulting in a joint custody arrangement.

As the legal battle between Pitt and Jolie continues to unfold, the public remains captivated by the unraveling of a once-glamorous relationship, now marred by acrimony and allegations of abuse.

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