Nicole Kidman, the 56-year-old acclaimed actress, made headlines recently for her choice of attire at the Prime Video premiere of her series Expats. The actress, known for her breakthrough role in Days of Thunder, turned heads in a sleek, figure-hugging black dress designed by Atelier Versace. The striking outfit featured a daring backless design, a high slit, and showcased ample skin on each side of her body.

Kidman perfectly accessorized her ensemble with sparkling silver jewelry from Roberto Coin, complemented by rose-tinted makeup, and left her hair flowing loosely. As images of Kidman in her Versace dress circulated online, public reactions were divided, with some praising her fashion choice and others expressing criticism.

Critics took issue with Kidman’s appearance, with comments on social media ranging from disappointment in her choice to concerns about her physique and the perception of elegance. However, amidst the negative comments, there were admirers who applauded Kidman’s fashion sense, praising the beauty of the gown and hailing it as the best they’ve seen in a long time.

Despite the online chatter, Kidman has long been recognized as a fashion icon in the entertainment industry. She attributes her love for fashion to the influence of her mother, Janelle, and her grandmother, both of whom were skilled in sewing, embroidering, and knitting. Kidman reminisced about her childhood, emphasizing that growing up with women who loved fashion instilled a similar passion in her.

In interviews, Kidman has expressed her enduring affinity for fashion and her enjoyment of involving her mother in her dressing process for events. She appreciates classic lines with a twist and is not afraid to embrace edginess in her fashion choices. Kidman also considers herself fortunate in the fashion industry, having established connections with designers who became her friends during her early days in the United States.

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