Hard luck iPhone users, Android users have had the upper hand on this feature for years.

Gen Z Android owners may claim to be frequently mocked for not having an iPhone, but they could be the ones laughing now because Apple’s latest software update is allegedly following in the competitor’s footsteps.

Look, whether you have an Android or Apple, who really cares?

But if you are currently sat here with an iPhone in your hand and want to have a head’s up to what some Android users may tease you about when you get the latest iOS update then you came to the right place.

The news was first reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his newsletter Power On on 25 March.

Gurman said that Apple’s iOS 18 update would allow phones to have a ‘more customizable’ Home Screen page.

But what does this actually mean?

Rumors have been swirling about the latest Apple iOS update.

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Well, at this current moment in time, you can customize your Home Screen, but only by dragging and dropping apps in an invisible grid pattern.

Oh and by adding a few bigger widgets here and there if you really want to go outside the box – or grid, should I say.

But if you try and place one app with a gap in between another or on a different row entirely, the app will quickly ping back to where the next available space is in the row and lock it firmly back in the invisible grid.

Granted, you can go to the store and download certain apps which mean you can customize your phone to your liking and override some of Apple’s presets, however, Android users don’t have to faff around with this extra app and with the iOS 18 update, Apple users might not have to for much longer either.

Android users have actually had the upper hand for several years with this feature.

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Sources have told MacRumors that the customization options are set to grow with the latest update, meaning you’ll reportedly be able to move your apps around and place them with space in between each other if you so fancy or even a row if you want to really push the boat out.

Other features of iOS 18 are rumored to include a new AI functionality for Siri, updates to Apple Maps and messaging.

Apple is reported as being set to announce the latest iOS in June later this year at The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) – an information technology conference held annually by Apple Inc.

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