The conspiracy machine is in full swing once again…

Later this week on 8 April, a total solar eclipse is set to take place which will see the Moon pass between the Earth and the Sun and cause a momentary total blackout set to be visible across the US, Canada and Mexico.

NASA has highlighted some safety advice should you be heading out to go and catch a glimpse of the eclipse, including using specialized eye protection.

And government emergency officials have also warned people about potential road blockages and queueing as people drive to find the best vantage points.

However, the official warnings have since been added to with the concerns of conspiracy theorists who strangely believe the total eclipse could be a sign of something greater when considered alongside some other events and the letter ‘X’.

A total solar eclipse is set to take place on 8 April.

Getty Images/ Muhammed Emin Canik/Anadolu Agency

Taking to Reddit thread r/conspiracy several months ago, u/wefellinloveinnyc explained why they ‘believe they are planning a massive human sacrifice event’ for when the total eclipse occurs.

In the post, the user says they are ‘pretty concerned’ about the eclipse on the 8 April, arguing ‘the line from the solar eclipse of 2017 and the line from the one upcoming on April 8th creates an X, very close to the New Madrid Fault Line’ and ‘if something were to trigger that fault line, something man-made they could make look completely natural, it could mean a serious loss of life disaster for the US’.

While earthquakes are not linked to solar eclipses, they added ‘an earthquake on the New Madrid Fault Line could be up to 20 times larger than an earthquake with a SoCal epicenter’.

The user went on to point out another time where an ‘X’ crops up, when you take the line ‘for the Annular Eclipse or ‘Ring Of Fire’ from October of this year and the upcoming Solar eclipse’ – and you won’t believe where the ‘X’ marking the spot occurs on this map.

Another X marks the spot is reportedly near Elon Musk's Tesla gigafactory in Texas.


The Reddit user noted the X is created over Texas ‘not far from Tesla’s gigafactory’.

They continued: “Speaking of X, Elon Musk changes Twitter’s name to X. His baby’s mother, Grimes, posted a strange image on instagram before covid that literally told us covid was going to happen, all the way down to the three injections. In that same image, a few rows beneath the covid ‘prediction’ is a solar eclipse.”

They add there’s also a flower and two dragons in the image and 2024 is the year of the dragon and the lotus flower ‘begins blooming in China on April 8th’ – the same day as the eclipse.

Still with us? Yeah, it’s a lot.

Apparently lotus flowers blooming in China on 8 April are also a sign.

Getty Images/ Chen Yusheng/ VCG

The conspiracist thought it was ‘way too many coincidences for [them] to feel comfortable’.

They added that it ‘would appear some massive sacrifice could possibly be in the works’ and they are ‘quite certain’ that ‘they all have some bunker or safe spot away from the damage’.

The user continued: “There’s being paranoid, and there’s knowing how blatant & aggressive they are with the symbolism. I urge everyone to find a place to be out of harms way on the 8th of April, we can not trust these psychopaths. Reddit’s truth suppression bots will attack and call me crazy and that’ll be further validation that there’s something here.”

Your face as you weigh up what you just read.


And it’s not only this user who believes something’s amiss with the eclipse.

U/ momsister5throwaway said: “I truly believe there is something big about to happen and you can feel it.”

“Wow I think you might be on to something,” u/I_am_the_alcoholic,” adds.

U/yoooo12347 said: “Quality post man. Very insightful and lots to think about.”

I think it’s probably more likely to just be the usual celestial event, but each to their own, I suppose!

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