A 30-year-old bodybuilder and YouTube star reportedly passed away in his girlfriend’s arms after suffering a sudden mystery neck pain.

Jo Lindner, who is better known by his YouTube name Joesthetics, amassed 5.8 million followers on Instagram and had over 500 million views on his YouTube channel.

The German bodybuilder had opened up to fellow YouTuber Bradley Martyn a few weeks ago about how he feared that overtraining would result in a heart attack due to a rare muscular condition he had.

Discussing his rippling muscle disease, which makes muscles oversensitive to movement and pressure, Lindner said: “The heart is also a muscle, that’s my biggest concern that what if I get such a bad cramp that my heart gets a cramp.”

As per Sky News, the 30-year-old bodybuilder’s cause of death has been confirmed as an aneurysm that he suffered on Friday.

Lindner’s girlfriend, who goes by Nicha, shared her heartbreak on Instagram as she penned: “Jo is the best place everyone. Yesterday his past away by aneurysm.. I was there with him in the room [sic].”

She went on to explain that Lindner had given her a necklace and the pair had lay down together to cuddle before they were meant to head to the gym.

Nicha went on: “He was in my arms.. than this is just happening too fast.. 3 days ago he kept said that he pain his neck .. we not really realize it… until it too late [sic].”

She called her boyfriend “amazing” and highlighted how dedicated he was to his fans, and that he would sit and reply to as many comments as he could because he cared for people as individuals, and wanted to help them.

Lindner’s friend, Noel Deyzel, wrote on Instagram: “With all of this, I knew Jo would want us all to just keep going and pushing.

“He always said to me ‘keep going brazzer, do more, work harder’ in his strong German accent. That’s what he lived for man, he pushed so many of us to be our best without expecting anything in return. He genuinely cared. So bros please just keep going and keep pushing for Jo.”

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In his final Instagram post, the bodybuilder opened up about his hormone therapy journey and was using his own experiences to motivate others to be natural.

“When I lost my gains because I went off everything for 1 year but then could not recover my own test levels so went back on trt [testosterone replacement therapy]. Trust me I tried to stop but be aware it might have long term effects for your life,” Lindner penned.

He concluded: “Overall this post should show that even as a natural u can look amazing and [why] just need to get in shape.”

Lindner inspired many people with his work, and he will be dearly missed.

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